Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Oxford - Services

I started my business simply because of my love and passion of dogs and animals. I offer a friendly and professional service for you and your best friend. As a dog owner, I know how you feel when you want to go away, take day trips or even just work late and don't want your pet cooped up inside and alone all day... Who is going to look after the dog?

My services include a professional dog walking service, friendly puppy and home visits for any dog and a trustworthy key holding service. If you have any other requirements to fulfil your pet’s needs just ask! I walk come rain or shine and as a rough guide.

If you are a pet owner, you are probably reluctant to use kennels, catteries or other boarding establishments. Vets advise that pets are creatures of habit, happiest and healthiest when life is comfortable and straightforward with no surprises. Cats and dogs in particular may worry when suitcases appear, associating them with separation and, worse, a trip to the cattery or kennels

When you’re away, the kindest arrangement for your pets is to leave them at home in familiar surroundings, following their usual routine. I provide a live-in pet-sitting service throughout the year, for domestic pets, and other animals including poultry. I am particularly skilled with cats and dogs, but I am happy to discuss care for all creatures great and small.